Qualities of yuppe yuppeの魅力


Qualities of yuppe

1. 4 to 5 times economical efficient compared to gasoline scooters

Yuppe runs 35 to 45 km with one full charge (electric charge about 25 yen). In other words, if 1 liter of gasoline is 124 yen, the distance traveled by that electricity cost will be 173 ~ 223 km.
If the fuel consumption performance of a general gasoline scooter is about 40 km / L, yuppe can run more than 4 to 5 times than that.
In addition, maintenance costs such as oil and plug replacement, are not required for electric motorcycles.

2. Mileage of 35km to 45km, enough for commuting to school

The distance that yuppe can run on one charge is from 35 to 45 km.
It is possible to make a round trip if a destination is 15 km away.
Moreover, even if the amount of electricity storage decreases, charging is possible if there is only an outlet. Some users say, “I charge my motorcycle at my workplace.”

3. Enough acceleration and sufficient speed. You can speed up to 45 km / and run on the slope up to 12 degrees.

When you start the electric motorcycles, you can start the engine very easily and smoothly. You can also speed up the engine without any problem.
The maximum speed of yuppe is 45 km / h. The legal speed of the moped scooter is 30 km / h, so you will have no problem with the speed. Yuppe has the ability to run on the slope of 12 °. This has cleared the standard road gradient of 2 to 21% set by the Road Structure Ordinance. You would not experience much difference if you compare with the regular motorcycles.

4. Very quiet and friendly to your neighbors

When you drive your motorcycle in the populated area, you may have troubles with residents because the regular motorcycles make a lot of noise. Yuppe does not make any noise when you drive it. You would not bother your neighbors if you drive in the early morning or in the residential area.

5. Yuppe can be your battery

In the event of a disaster, even if the lifeline stops, yuppe will provide a light. Moreover, you can put yuppe in the house because it is small. You can also charge the mobile phone with the USB terminal.
If we experience an earthquake, you will have hard time passing through the street of the rubbles. Yuppe can be a moving battery for all of us.

6. Easy to buy, easy to ride with your regular driver’s license.

Yuppe is an electric scooter which you can ride on with your regular car license or scooter license. You just have to start the engine and you have no problem driving.
Compared to reasonable gasoline scooters, we have achieved a more affordable selling price for our electric motorcycles.