Design · Color · Accessories[bizmo] デザイン・カラー・アクセサリー[bizmo]





Front BOX

Hard case attached to the front carrier. Stylish and solid FRP made. Helmet can also be stored. The convenience is expanded by distinguishing it from the rear box.


Front Wide Basket

It is a large steel basket to be attached to the front carrier. Big bags as well as large newspapers can be loaded. You can load various kinds of luggage deftly.


Draft shield

It is a windshield that reduces running wind and prevents fatigue during maneuvering. High quality products satisfying both transparency, strength and shape. Fitting is also perfect.


Rear BOX

It is a slim rear body that fits the body. Because it does not protrude from the car body, parking spaces are not bothered as well. Capacity is about 50L. It is made of lightweight plastic.


Various general purpose rear BOX

The versatile rear deck can be equipped with various rear boxes. GIVI, SHAD and other inexpensive boxes can be installed smartly.


Delivery BOX

Pizza, sushi etc. Delivery and OA Maintenance work etc. It is a large rear box. Capacity is 110L. It is robust and highly reliable FRP, it will be a luxurious product.



Dedicated battery

If there is a spare battery, you can use it without worrying about charge time.
Three element lithium ion 72 V 44 Ah


Special charger

It becomes exclusive goods that can reliably charge large capacity batteries in a short time. It outputs 72 V 5 A from the household 100 V power supply, it is possible to charge 70% in the initial 2 hours. (PSE applied)

Option combination example

Newspaper delivery / Exposure loading of large package

The carrier of the rear deck is exchanged for the exclusive large type. It is a newspaper delivery specification which was able to load a wide basket on the front and to stack a lot of newspaper stably.
The big rear carriers are capable of loading large luggage, so they can handle various kinds of wholesaler operations and businesses carrying lots of luggage with exposure.
BIZMO II is equipped with an enhanced side stand as standard, so you can keep a sense of stability when parking.
Usage options


Pizza · Sushi delivery / OA maintenance service etc.

Food delivery vehicles are required for stylish cleanliness and functionality.
Possible to use cold products for front box and warm products for rear box. Since there is a large capacity 110L on the rear, you can respond to large orders.
The wind screen protects the rider from running wind, contributing to the reduction of driving fatigue. The overall finish will be luxurious and will improve even the reliability of the work.

Usage options


Banking / security / movement patrols etc.

Wide basket on front carrier. It is the basic form with the standard BOX attached to the rear.
It realizes a footwork excellently moving that makes full use of the characteristics of this car that is slim and small turning. Large bags are also included in the basket, so the rear BOX has about 50 L capacity, so you can store your luggage for business surely.
It is also an inexpensive option, it also features high cost performance.

Usage options


General service / general-purpose specification

In the main work of personnel movement, not only functional elements, fashionability is also important. It is this specification that chooses various rear boxes and sought an urban image.
It is a combination of a luxurious front BOX and a functional windshield, which is a distinction from a styling for business use. Beginning the care of nursing care of the patrol, please use the impression is important work.

Usage options


Qualities of BIZMO II BIZMO IIの魅力


Qualities of BIZMO II

1. Basic design to carry more and run for long distance

From the frame design, we have developed the loading stability required for business use.

· Acquired durability for the frame of the pipe
· Battery position to optimize car body balance
· Low rear deck for running stability during loading
· Equipment adapted such as large baskets and boxes
· Reinforced side stand which can withstand high load

■Each option installed


■useful in various business scenes/ Delivery service, sales / patrol business etc.


2. About 8 times better in the fuel performance compared to general moped bike.

■Runs 310 km with electricity cost equivalent to 1 liter of gasoline

If gasoline 1 L is 124 yen (※ 1), the distance that the electric motorcycle (BIZMO II) can run with its electricity bill is 310 km (※ 2). Indeed, in the running test of BIZMO II, it showed approximately 8 times better fuel economy performance than gasoline motorcycle.
Also, electric motorcycles are charged through general outlet. Therefore, there is no need to look for gas stations. Especially BIZMO II runs 150 km at full charge once. You can finish your daily work without worrying about running out of batteries.

■Comparison of fuel economy performance (distance traveling with gasoline 1 L · electricity charge 124 yen)
※1 From the average price of regular gasoline in June – July 2016
※2 Full charge Mileage: BIZMO II(150km)
   Electricity charge required for full charge:BIZMO II(60yen)

3. Mileage of 150 km with a newly developed battery.

Three element lithium batteries (72V · 44Ah, 3168Wh) are newly developed to realize long distance traveling performance required for business scenes. BIZMO II has 3.3 times better battery capacity compared to regular electric motorcycles.
Therefore, BIZMO II realized a mileage of 150 km (* 1) with one full charge. And we have also proved that BIZMO II maintained about 80% of the original performance even at the time of running 50,000 km according to our experiment drive.
※1 30 km / h Constant running on flat road

4. Recovers 70% voltage with just 2 hours charge

The time required for full charge is about 7 hours using the household power supply. However, the time required for 70% voltage recovery is about 2 hours with BIZMO II. When you have to drive urgently, it provides a required mileage with little charge.
It is usually the case that you charge your motorcycle with remaining charge. In that case, it only takes 1 to 2 hours to get full charge.
Charging is completed during lunch breaks during your work.

5. The exact amount of remaining electricity

Instead of the conventional method of using voltmeter, we employ the more accurate numerical formula to calculate the remaining amount of electricity.In addition, in order to ensure visibility, high luminance digital display is adopted for BIZMO II.

6. You can switch driving modes. Maximum speed 55 km / h, climbing ability 14 degrees

There are 3 driving modes from energy saving to high speed mode.
The maximum speed in the high speed mode is 55 km / h.
In the high power mode, you can run on the slope up to14 degree. BIZMO II provides sufficient drive for business scenes.
Also, on the downhill, BIZMO II has a regeneration function that turns the rotation of the wheel into electric energy.

7. Very quiet and people Friendly

You cannot make much noise when you deliver newspapers in the early morning or deliver pizza in the middle of the night. We hear many good testimonials from our business customers.
The quietness of our electric motorcycle leads to a higher efficiency of work and stress relief more than you imagine.

8. Guaranteed Safety through warranty on motorcycle body, battery, and charger

We have promised 1year warranty on each part of the body, battery, and charger of our electric motorcycles.
Because motorcycle is an important tool for your daily work, we provide a greater security through three warranties (※).
There are some conditions for applying the warranty ※. Please check with the dealer in advance.

9. Charge and carry emergency lights, smartphones etc. Exercise power even in the event of a disaster

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