Often Asked Questions

Where can I buy the electric motorcycle?
You can buy the electric motorcycle at one of the Tsubame E-Time dealer shops. Please contact the shop in advance for the test drive.
Do I need a driver’s license?
You will need a license for the motorbike or the regular car vehicle.
What size of the motorcycle yuppe is?
Does the government sponsored eco-car subsidy program apply to the electric motorcycles?
We are sorry but our electric motorcycle are exempt from the program.
How long the battery last?
It is approximately 1.5 times since the number of charge times, so it is about one and a half to two years. (It depends on usage situation)
Battery price is 25,000 yen.
How long does it take to full-charge the battery?
It depends on the usage, but it takes about 8 hours to get the battery fully charged from zero. And it only costs about 25 yen.
Is it okay to ride the electric motorcycle when it rains?
Yes, you can ride it without any problem.
I live in an apartment, is it possible to charge the battery?
We are very sorry but our current battery cannot be removed from the motorcycle itself. You will need the outlet near by where you locate the motorcycle. However, we are working on the new model where you can remove the battery and charge it in your room. The new model will be released around May this year.
What happens when I have a problem with my motorcycle and need maintenance? Or if I run out of the battery?
Please contact the dealer shop where you bought your motorcycle or contact directly to Tsubame E-time. We will handle the problem as soon as possible.
How long is the warranty period?
The warranty period is 1 year after the registration of your motorcycle. And the mile has to be under 5000km at the same time.
We only qualify the main motorcycle parts and body as being warrantable. We won’t qualify consumable supplies and the parts being damaged by the customer’s fault or negligence.