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Environmental Performance of Electric Motorcycles

Electric Motorcycles can save the earth from global warming and protect the urban area from the noise problem.

Increasing CO2 emissions

The global CO2 emissions, which was 32.3 billion tons in 2011, is projected to reach 37.8 billion tons in 2020 and 56.8 billion tons in 2050 (RITE). In order to prevent climate change caused by global warming, it is necessary to reduce CO2 emissions considerably over the long term. Japan is expected to play the major role in solving these issues by developing world-class technologies and products.


※RITE: Research Institute of Innovative Technology for the Earth

No CO2 emissions from the electric motorcycles

※ Calculation example of CO2: Calculated with a 1-day mileage of 50 km and a fuel efficiency of 25 km / L. If you use 2 liters of gasoline a day, the CO2 emissions are 4.6 kg.
When converting CO2 emissions to liter, 1kg of CO2 equals to 509 L. 4.6kg of CO2 emissions are converted to 2341.4 L, which is about 1,170 bottles of 2L water bottles.

People-friendly and Quiet motorcycle

There are lots of scenes in your daily life that you would not like to make much noise, such as early morning newspaper deliveries and commuting to work. You wouldn’t also like to make noise when you drive in the populated area as well.
In such cases, a quiet electric motorcycle would be the best choice. You wouldn’t bother your neighbors since the electric motorcycles have no noise or troubles. They have excellent environmental performances.


Economic efficiency of electric motorcycles

The best way to cut the cost for your motorcycle is easy. Just switch from your old motorcycle to an electric motorcycle.

Electric motorcycles run 310 km with electricity cost equivalent to 1 liter of gasoline.

Runs 310 km with electricity cost equivalent to 1 liter of gasoline.
If 1 liter of gasoline equals to 124 yen (※ 1), the distance that an electric motorcycle (BIZMO II) can run with 124 yen of electricity is 310 km (※ 2). Indeed, the running test of BIZMO II showed approximately 8 times better fuel economy performance than the gasoline motorcycles.
Also, with a general outlet, you can charge the battery of electric motorcycles anywhere anytime. You don’t have to look for gas stations. Especially, BIZMO II runs 150 km at a full charge. You won’t have to worry about running out of the battery

■Comparison of economy performance (traveling with 1 liter of gasoline and 124 yen of electricity charge)

※ From June to July 2016
Regular gasoline price
※ 2 Running mileage with full charge: 150 km BIZMO
Electricity price with full charge: 60 yen BIZMO
No maintenance required

No maintenance required ※3

From changing oil to plug replacement, gasoline cars and motorcycles need a lot of maintenance. Since electric motorcycles have simple structure, you won’t have to pay much cost for maintenance and troubleshooting.

※3 Repair, tire puncture, consumables etc excluded.

Comparison experiment of fuel cost In the case of BIZMO II

Fuel cost is less than 1/8 of gasoline motorcycle

※ Gasoline fee: 100 yen per 25 km / L, Electricity charge: 60 yen per 110 km
※Location: Yufuin Western Place Center, Oita Prefecture


Playing important roles in natural disasters

What happens if we experience natural disasters? Electric motorcycles can be a mobile battery, which gives us electricity anywhere.

BIZMO II has an amazing power supply capacity at shelters

BIZMO II has an amazing power supply of 2,371Wh capacity, the highest level of the battery capacity.
In the event of a power outage due to a disaster, BIZMO II can be used as lighting in a shelter or an evacuation center. You can use BIZMO ll for lightning for approximately 60 hours when used continuously. If you only light for 6 hours a day except nighttime, it can be used for as long as 10 days.
In addition, the disaster response box is equipped with two household outlets (100 V). You can charge various home appliances through these outlets. For example, you can full charge 230 smartphones through BIZMO II.

You can drive through the rough roads with electric motorcycles

On roads where rubble are scattered, you will have hard time driving regular cars. However, electric motorcycles will help you drive through many roads and congested streets.
With BIZMO II, it is possible to deliver relief goods to affected areas as quickly as possible. Electric motorcycles have high carrying capacity and longer mileage as well.

You don’t have to line up at the gas stations

In the event of the natural disaster, you often see a long line of people at the gas station. Even if you wait for a long time, the gasoline can be sold out or the supply would not reach the site. You don’t have to line up at the gas station if you have an electric motorcycle.
If the battery runs out, we cannot of course run the electric motorcycles, however, it is often said that that electricity is restored faster than the gasoline at the gas station. (especially at the evacuation centers.) In addition, since electric motorcycles can be easily charged with a household outlet, it is possible to charge the motorcycles not only at home, but also at the evacuation centers, and also from a generator as well.