Tsubame Group


Making our Business Good for the Society

60 years of Our History

Tsubame Sekiyu Co. / Anzen Jidousha Co. were established in 1957 and Iwakuni Body Center Co. was established in 1968. For a long while, we have dedicated our business for the local people of Iwakuni. We are deeply grateful for our customers. We haven’t been able to make our business successful without your support. Last year, we have developed our new business project in the alternative energy field, which is our electric motorcycle business of Tsubame E-time. We have founded a fables manufacture company based in Yamaguchi. Our target customers are not only in Japan but in countries outside Japan as well. Our resolution for this year is “to challenge.” We will challenge ourselves to develop our company and our human resources, which can contribute to the betterment of our country, our hometown and its people. We would appreciate if you can continue to support in our business.

Total Car Support

Currently, Tsubame Group offer service of oil sales, certified car maintenance and vehicle inspection. We also provide 24 hours tow-away services and rental car, car insurance, damage repair, and used car sales. There are 7 certified car inspector, 12 certified second-level mechanics and many of the third-level mechanics in our company. We offer total car support for our customers’ safe and comfortable car life.

Group companies


Tsubame Sekiyu Co.
Gasoline and Diesel Sales, Maintenance and Inspection, Damage Repair(Car Conveni Club), Rental Car, New and Used Car Sales


Anzen Jidousha Co.
MMaintenance and Inspection, Tow-away Service, Car Insurance


Iwakuni Body Center Co.
Damage Repair and Paint, New and Used Car Sales, Maintenance, Inspection and Car Insurance


Tsubame E-time Co.
Production and Sales of Electric Cars

60 Years in Iwakuni and then to the World

1957 October Tsubame Sekiyu was established
1957 December Anzen Jidousha Co. was founded.
1963 May Tsubame Sekiyu became a joint-stock company
1970 January Iwakuni Body Center established
1993 June Iwakuni Body Center became a joint-stock company
2014 May Tsubame E-time Co. was established
2014 December Tsubame E-time Korea Branch was founded
2015 December Tsubame E-time formed a business tie-up with Car Conveni Club Co.
2016 March Tsubame E-time formed a business tie-up with Terra Motors
2016 August Tsubame E-time Vietnam Branch was founded