Useful for my business sales

Useful for my business sales
Junji Indou (Saikyo Bank, 27 years old)
●July 2016 ●Bought “yuppe” in 2015



Yuppe can run quietly in the residential area

In April 2016, I started working at my current office and I have been riding yuppe for my sales work since then. At first, I didn’t know how to ride the electric motorcycle first, but I got to used to riding the yuppe soon after.

Comfortable and smooth ride

I’m actually a fan of motorcycles and I used to ride a medium-sized motorcycle before. So it was a new experience for me to ride an electric motorcycle. The electric motorcycles don’t make much noise so I could hear the wind. I feel good when riding. Also, the electric motorcycles can speed up more than you think. You have a good initial rate and you can accelerate soon after. The electric motorcycles are capable of speed up to 40km/h but it feels like I’m driving much faster. I used to ride a cub but I felt the tire was too small and the ride was unstable. Yuppe has thicker tires and I enjoy the smooth ride.

Enough distance covered and useful for my business sales

At first, I was worried if an electric motorcycle can give me enough travel distance. However, it could run for a longer distance than I thought. When I drive for 10km in the morning, I charge the battery during my lunch break, and I drive another 10km in the afternoon. I never saw the meter goes less than 3 out of 5.

No need to look for the gas stations

The thing I really like about the electric motorcycles is that I don’t have to look for the gas stations. I used to put gas once a week when I drove a cub before. Now, I don’t have to do so anymore.

As the conversation starter

One more thing that I really like about the electric motorcycle is that it can be used to open up the conversation. When I visit the first-time customers for my business sales, we often talk about my yuppe. Sometimes they complement on its design or ask me about its riding quality and cost. Yuppe really helps me to start up a conversation with my customers. Maybe my business results owe to my yuppe!

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I’m happy I don’t have to put gas anymore!

I’m happy I don’t have to put gas anymore!
Anonymous(Office worker, From Iwakuni City)
Bought “yuppe” in June, 2016


Red yuppe in the parking lot of the apartment

The reason why I bought my yuppe

After I moved here, I was looking for a regular motorcycle to commute to my work place, which is 6km away from my house. There is no bus that goes to the office and I only have driver’s license for motorcycle.
I saw the brochure about the electric motorcycles. I used to drive regular motorcycles about 20 years ago, but I never liked the smell of the gas and the smog. Electric motorcycles don’t need gas nor I have to put gas into the motorcycle. That’s the No.1 reason I decided to buy the yuppe.

Less cost

It’s been only three weeks since I started to ride my yuppe and it has been pretty confortable to drive it. I asked my boss if I could charge the battery at the office and I do so now. There is no cost that I have to pay so far. If something goes wrong with my yuppe, the shop is very close to my workplace so I have no worry about maintaining my yuppe.
Yuppe only speeds up to 40km/h so I don’t have to worry about getting a ticket from the police. It’s perfect for people who don’t like to drive so fast.

Little inconvenience

I have little difficulty starting the engine on the slope. I don’t usually run on the slope so it has been okay so far.
I often go grocery shopping to the supermarket near my house and I sometimes wish I could put more stuff in the luggage box of my yuppe.

So happy I don’t have to put gas

I’m planning to ride my yuppe everyday to commute to my work place. I feel good that I will never need to put gas to my yuppe!

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Useful for commuting and shopping

Useful for commuting and shopping
Anonymous/Housekeeper, 48 years old, From Shuto, Iwakuni City
July, 2016
Bought “yuppe” in September, 2015


Yuppe for commuting


Yuppe stands right next to my husband’s threetar

The reason why I bought yuppe

My husband likes to ride the motorcycles and he found yuppe on the Internet. The producing company was from Iwakuni, where we’re from, and we already knew its mother company, Tsubame Oil very well. So we decided to go to the test-drive event.
It was my first experience to ride the motorcycle itself, and I was so scared to drive… When I turned on the engine, it didn’t make any noise or vibration! I accelerated the engine and I didn’t have any problem to drive! We decided to buy yuppe only two or three days after the test-drive event.

Ride Quality

I ride my yuppe for communing. If it rains, I drive my car, but if it doesn’t rain, I ride my type. It’s pretty comfortable to ride an electric motorcycle. The motorcycle doesn’t need gas and not much electricity either.
I charge the battery every night. But I once forgot to charge the battery for a while and the motorcycle slowed down. So since then, I have always charged the battery the night before. If only for one day or two, you can ride it without charging the battery, I think.
You don’t really see the electric motorcycles around this area, so people are surprised to see the motorcycle running without making much noise. I feel good to receive such attentions also.

Troubles and inconvenience

I once had a minor problem with my yuppe. I heard a weird noise from the motor, and I contacted the shop. They came right away and fixed the problem. It happened within the warranty period so I didn’t have to pay at all. The mechanic person was easy to talk to and fixed the problem right away.
One request that I have is if you can create more space in the luggage box. I always wish I could put more things in the box when I go grocery shopping. And another thing is that the motorcycle is too quiet so sometimes people standing right by don’t recognize me driving,

Glad that I bought my yuppe!

It’s been 10 months since I bought my yuppe. I have been commuting to my work with my yuppe except the rainy season. I also drive it when I go shopping or go somewhere near my house. It is very convenient and I’m glad that I have my yuppe with me now.

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