No Future In The Past

To fill the world with "good times"To bring a sustainable and prosperous future from Japan to the world.

Toward a society in which anyone can move anywhere with easeTo make people's lives more comfortable and more energetic.That is the vision of Tsubame E-times.

To promote e-mobility around the world, and to confront the global environmental problems that are becoming more and more serious, and to confront the serious global environmental problems by shifting energy

  1. Creating a "community" where all people can enjoy the benefits of technology
  2. Provide energy infrastructure centered on e-mobility
  3. To support transportation in an aging society with low fertility rates and to improve environmental issues by diversifying all means of transportation.

We aim to bring joy and pleasure to people's lives by connecting the city, its people, and their lives with all kinds of services, and a safer and richer life for all. This is the future we are aiming for and our mission.

We are starting to move.

Tsubame E-times has begun to work toward the realization of the VISION it is aiming for.
EV began its expansion into Vietnam in 2016,The business continues to grow from product development to infrastructure development.
In addition, Smart City has signed cooperation agreements with several municipalities in Japan,Smart Cities has also signed cooperation agreements with several municipalities in Japan for specific implementation.
Please look forward to Tsubame E-times as we push forward to realize the future as it should be.

CEO Tomohiro Yamamoto

In 2014, we established E-Mobility manufacturer Tsubame E-times Co. The purpose of our business is to promote Japan-quality e-mobility globally and to improve the global environmental problems that are becoming increasingly serious. Global warming is becoming increasingly serious due to the emission of greenhouse gases such as CO2.

board member Seiji Hayashi
  • Car Conveni Club Co.,Ltd.President and Representative Director
advisor Shinji Hiejima
  • Professor, Okayama University
  • Hydro-VENUSPresident and Representative Director
advisor Sachio Togo
  • Tough CorporationPresident and Representative Director