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What are your goals for the future?

In 2014, we established E-Mobility manufacturer Tsubame E-Time Co. The purpose of our business is to promote Japan-quality e-mobility globally and to improve the global environmental problems that are becoming increasingly serious. Global warming is becoming increasingly serious due to the emission of greenhouse gases such as CO2. Abnormal weather conditions caused by global warming have led to enormous natural disasters in many parts of the world. While countries around the world urgently need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as quickly as possible, the reality is that progress in this area has been hampered by the interests of individual countries.
Especially in high-growth emerging economies, many people rely on gasoline-powered vehicles as their primary means of transportation, and the emissions they produce are extremely serious, including their effects on the human body.
Major Japanese automakers are currently manufacturing and selling e-mobility vehicles, mainly electric motorcycles, in the same way. Many of them boast high functionality and performance backed by advanced technology. However, for people in emerging countries in Southeast Asia and elsewhere, these vehicles are very expensive and difficult to use casually as a means of transportation in their daily lives. In addition, the rapid shift from gasoline engines to electricity is not easy for large and growing automakers. Their history is also the history of gasoline engines, and their established traditions and brands also hinder change. Acquiring something new also means discarding something old. From a macro perspective, Japan’s economic structure itself is no longer able to take an easy turn.
In such a situation, we have been able to leverage our mobility as a venture company to provide E-Mobility with the performance required by the market at an affordable price.
For the past five years, we have cultivated our know-how, experience, and network as a manufacturing company by utilizing Debt Finance in Vietnam and other countries, while maintaining our venture status.
Now, we are taking advantage of these assets and moving on to the next stage [harmony of hard and soft, subscription model].
We are determined to create a new industry where E-Mobility can be owned free of charge and work to improve environmental issues. We will continue to push forward to go public while increasing the probability of success based on numbers and experience.

What is the further stage “Subscription Model”?

Create a new industry; make E-Mobility free to own. It is not so easy to do. Currently, Taiwan’s GOGORO is the leading venture in this model. It is one of the companies we are benchmarking. Even at the beginning of 2017, its assets were worth $800 million. The business model is to specialize in electric two-wheeled motorcycles, with the body sold and the batteries leased, and to create a stable revenue base through a battery replacement system.

What is your company’s advantage over the rest of the world?

Tesla Inc. (USA), which manufactures and sells electric vehicles, has grown to a company with a market capitalization of 3.7 trillion yen in less than 10 years since its establishment. Moreover, its CEO, Elon Musk, was not an expert in the automotive industry, and he is currently increasing the value of the company’s assets with the help of huge amounts of capital.
We have many years of experience in the automotive industry. We will leverage this experience and add services that only a Japanese company can provide to make our products more affordable and high-performance, and realize their widespread use in the global market.
Another big advantage we have is that we are located in Japan. Being a Japanese company itself gives trust and peace of mind to our clients, and we have experienced firsthand the positive effects this can have.
Currently, E-Mobility is gaining recognition as the only Japanese company in Vietnam. The merger with Terra Motors Vietnam has also had a great impact in Vietnam. Now we have the advantage to move to the next stage as the only Japanese E-Mobility company.
Another advantage is speed. The top management goes to the client’s site and makes a decision immediately, which allows us to develop our business with a sense of speed.

What is the significance of having a base in Yamaguchi Prefecture, a rural area?

While Tokyo is becoming more and more concentrated, the regions are facing very difficult circumstances, including the hollowing out of industry and the exodus of population. Yamaguchi Prefecture, where we started our business, is no exception. We are sure that it will be an even bigger hurdle to develop our business by locating our base in a rural area. However, with our success, we hope to make such an impact that new industries can be created by local companies throughout Japan.

It is a national treasure that illuminates a corner” (Saicho).

If the light that illuminates one corner of the country’s regions appears and gathers in other regions, it will illuminate the entire country. I am determined to fulfill this aspiration. There are many small and medium-sized local companies with excellent technologies. I feel that it would be wonderful if a group of such companies could compete on the world stage.

What are your thoughts on the future of the world?

Logical thinking and, on the other hand, equally important is passion. Amid global environmental issues, energy problems, and a global shift in industrial structure, the Japanese economy has been unable to escape from a stagnant situation. On the other hand, many venture companies have been born in the U.S., such as Google, Apple, Facebook, and Tesla, which have grown rapidly and are driving the global economy. Many such companies have also been born in China and Taiwan. In Japan, however, no mega-ventures have yet been born that can be said to have created a new industry. In the past, many Japanese people stood up and fought for their lives when they were concerned about the hardships in Japan. In our hometown, we are reminded of our hometown Choshu samurai who stood up at the end of the Edo period. We are proud to be Choshu people and are determined to contribute to this country and the world through our E-Mobility business. Strangely enough, it seems as if it is our preordained destiny to make this project a success. A world with truly improved environmental problems may take 10 or 20 years. Even if I do not see the results of this project in my lifetime, I am convinced that if we do not start this project now, at this time, in this form, a sustainable world for the future of Japan and the world will not be born.