Electric Bicycle Introduction

Easy to pedal with the power of assist, and climbs hills with ease.This safe and secure electric bicycle has received type approval from the National Public Safety Commission.


A bicycle that can be your partner for “a little bit of riding” and “a little bit of running”. That is the origin of the name. We want it to be loved by both men and women as a cool and cute bicycle to ride. We developed this bicycle with this in mind.

  • MSRP : 184,800yen (tax included)
  • Lithium-ion battery for electrically power assisted bicycle CHOCO-NORI only MSRP : 25,300yen (tax included)
  • Exclusive charger (AC charger) for electrically power assisted bicycle CHOCO-NORI *PSE certification
    MSRP : 6,160yen (tax included)


ECO★Pedal” folding electrically power assisted bicycle, a safe and secure National Public Safety Commission certified and type-approved model. We support the Lion Standing in the Wind Foundation. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the “Lion Standing in the Wind Foundation.

  • MSRP : 130,900yen (tax included)

Make Your Routine MoveSmarter and cooler

Put it in your car when you go out.

Because it folds up, it can easily fit in the trunk of a car. The range of activities can be expanded from the place where you park your car. It is so convenient that some people actually use it for business.

I want to look cool and smartI want to commute to work or school

We aimed to create a bicycle that will make your friends look twice. In addition, the electric-assist bicycle allows you to make the most of the limited time you have each day. Convenience stores and bank ATMs are too far to go on foot, but not far enough to go by car. But it is not far enough to go there by car. In such cases, “CHOCO-NORI” is a cool way to go out.

Load it in the camper.

More and more people are traveling in campervans. You can load it into your car and drive through nature with ease. Couples and families can choose the same color or two different colors, such as black and white, to match, and their bicycles are sure to be the center of attention.

A new style born from folding

Three assist modes

There are three modes of electric power assist: “eco mode,” “standard mode,” and “power mode. The rider can select one of the three modes to suit various situations, and the system will assist in comfortable riding. Of course, it is possible to switch modes even during driving.
The mode can be switched from “1→2→3→1→2…” using the switch on the function display attached to the steering wheel.

disk brake

Disc brakes, which are commonly installed on electric bikes and large bikes, are now also installed on assisted bicycles. Not only do they look cool, but by installing them on both the front and rear of the bicycle, braking performance is greatly improved when riding on wet surfaces. This means that electric bicycles can offer peace of mind and the best braking sensation possible. This is the “commitment” of a domestic electric bike manufacturer.

safety lock

While other folding bicycles have had problems with levers accidentally coming off while riding, the “CHOCO-NORI” is equipped with a safety lock. The lever will not fall down unless this lock is pressed, thus enhancing safety.