Electric Bicycle Introduction

Easy to pedal with the power of assist, and climbs hills with ease.An electrically power assisted bicycle packed with the particulars of an EV manufacturer.


An electrically power assisted bicycle by an EV manufacturer.
Super fat tires with a powerful look!
The MIRACLE81 can travel up to 70 km in eco mode, and can be ridden in style in the city.

Electrically power assisted bicycle「#MIRACLE81」
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Riding 2BM, with its big tires and cool form, you will be the star of the town. This is how 2BM was born. With a capacity of 13Ah for 5~6 hours of charging time, 2BM can run 40~100km, so you can update your commuting and holiday time.

June 1, 2024 General sales start
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A bicycle that can be your partner for “a little bit of riding” and “a little bit of running”. That is the origin of the name. We want it to be loved by both men and women as a cool and cute bicycle to ride. We developed this bicycle with this in mind.

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ECO★Pedal” folding electrically power assisted bicycle, a safe and secure National Public Safety Commission certified and type-approved model. We support the Lion Standing in the Wind Foundation. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the “Lion Standing in the Wind Foundation.

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Compact and efficient, it’s called ‘LaCine.’ Perfect for those who want an easy ride with a small body! It will surely make your daily commute enjoyable. Designed as a ‘mini-velo,’ which has been gaining popularity in recent years. The frame features a unique design inspired by the ‘Tsubame’s T’ from the name of the ‘Tsubame-E-Time’ company. It’s a stylish frame design that is unmatched and sure to be a point of pride.

Electrically power assisted bicycle「La-Cine」
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