Corporate Information


  • Tsubame Sekiyu established

    Start at the gas station

  • Establishment of Tsubame E-Time Co.,Ltd.
  • Establishment of Tsubame E-Time Korea Branch
  • Formed business alliance with Car Conveni Club Co.,Ltd.
  • Electric motorcycle “YUPPE” released.
  • Business transferred from Terra Motors Corporation (domestic electric motorcycle business)
  • Tsubame E-Time Vietnam established (wholly owned subsidiary)

    Expansion into Vietnam

  • Electric motorcycle “E-08” (Vietnam model) released.

    Began selling electric motorcycles.

  • Electric motorcycle “YUPPE2” released.
  • Electric motorcycle “E-3000N” released.
  • Formed business alliance with TEIN ICETY (Korea)
  • Released “e-ANBAI” electrically power assisted bicycles.

    Began selling electrically power assisted bicycles

  • Formed business alliance with MPJA (Muslim Professional Japan Association)
  • Ministry of Public Security of Vietnam Commencement of operation of our EV vehicles
  • Released “CHOCO-NORI” electrically power assisted bicycle.
  • Established a joint venture with MPJA in Malaysia

    Expansion into Malaysia

  • Signed a strategic alliance agreement with the Department of Motor Vehicles, Ministry of International Industry, Malaysia.
  • Released “BIZMO II-S” electric motorcycle for business use
  • Terra Vietnam M&A
  • Released “eco★pedal” electrically power assisted bicycles
  • Released “Kind to the Future (DCM model)” electrically power assisted bicycles
  • Released “LaCine” electrically power assisted bicycle.
  • Completed crowdfunding for “LaCine” electrically power assisted bicycle (882% of target raised)
  • Selected for Fukuoka Stock Exchange IPO Challenge Team
  • Entered into an advisory agreement with Boardwalk Capital K.K.
  • Participated in the Touki Coordinator Project in Toumine Village, Fukuoka Prefecture
  • Final nominee for the 4th Japan Motorcycle of the Year 2021 in the electric category
  • EV-PRO LABO established (Iwakuni City, Yamaguchi Prefecture)
  • Appointment of Sachio Togo, President and Representative Director of Tough Corporation, as Advisor
  • Invested in WQC Corporation (, which holds a patent for wireless power transfer

    Working in the Next Generation Energy Domain

  • Joined Kibichuo Town Digital Rural City Promotion Council, Okayama Prefecture

    Smart city initiatives bear fruit